Episode Guide

Info about Episodes. A link to each episode as they’re released.

Warning, minor spoilers may be listed in the episode description.

Season One: Trials of Blood and Steel

PrologueWindow on the World – A young boy seeks answers about his mother’s past, and thus the tale begins.

Episode 1: Pterosaur Pride A beastmaster’s pride gets the best of her when she miscalculates the will of a pterosaur.

Episode 2: Dynasties A bodyguard must face the engagement of her childhood best friend to a self-righteous princess.

Episode 3: Familiar Bonds – Part One – Alia visits a local pub for solitude and instead gets friendly advice from a Britannian storyteller.

Episode 4: Familiar Bonds – Part Two – Trish saves a drunkard from a rampaging pterosaur.

Episode 5: Second Chances – A proud pigeon delivers an underrated message, and a colonel attempts to convince his general to hire a new pterosaur rider.

Episode 6: A Royal Murder – There is a royal murder after the prince’s engagement is announced.

Episode 7: Perplexing Conundrums – Word is sent to the queen of the royal murder, and the prince finds himself in the unlikeliest of places.

Episode 8: Friends, Acquaintances, and Nemeses – Trish ventures through her first day in the Britannian camp, where she makes both friends and rivals.

Episode 9: Forbidden Realm – Alia and Alfons are pursued by mysterious marksmen.

Episode 10: A Friendly Game – Two rival commanders play a friendly game.

Episode 11: A Little Bit of Michief – Alia and Alfons are outwitted by local mischief makers as they search for a way out of the Deep…

Episode 12: The Keeper of the Deep – Alia and Alfons meet the Keeper of the Deep.

Episode 13: The Test – Part One – Trish goes about her week at camp, facing trials of textbooks and tack.

Episode 14: The Test – Part Two – Trish must successfully complete her flight examination or lose her pterosaur for good.

Episode 15: The Siege of Hague – Part One – Buford and the Britannians prepare for the inevitable invasion.

2 thoughts on “Episode Guide

  1. I’m learning how to read the chronicles. Will the characters return in later episodes? They must, right? If I’m going to care about them, I want to meet them again and again.


    • Awesome, I’m glad you’re able to figure out how they’re read. 🙂

      And yep, the various characters will appear again at different points as the story progresses. It usually alternates between points of view for each episode, though it will occasionally focus on one group for a couple episodes before switching back to the other group. 🙂


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